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4 Best Ways Stay-At-Home Moms Can Beat Stress

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4 Best Ways Stay-At-Home Moms Can Beat Stress

Hey Moms! This one is for you. Check out the best ways stay-at-home moms can beat stress in today's contributed post. Enjoy!


Being a stay-at-home mother is hard work. There are endless demands on how a mom should spend her time. From potty training to park playdates, middle school carpools to college drop-offs, stay-at-home moms have their hands full with caring for their children.

Many stay-at-home moms also own businesses, such as craft shops on Etsy or in-home daycares. These moms carve out time to work on their businesses without neglecting their households or families.

Sometimes it seems that today’s society puts too many high expectations on stay-at-home moms. With everything on their plates, it’s no wonder that many moms feel stressed out and on the edge of a breakdown. If you feel this way, check out these top ways for moms to relax and de-stress!

Working on Projects

Projects are a good way to de-stress because there are many different ways to personalize them. Some projects can also keep your kids occupied while simultaneously helping you relax.

There are Mompreneurs who love to work constantly. Sitting around and doing nothing makes them feel restless, so they find ways to occupy their time that are both productive and relaxing. Hobbies like scrapbooking and crafting are just a couple of options for productive projects.

Scrapbooks could be seen as a dying art in our current digital age, but they can be a creative, calming outlet. Crafting includes a wide variety of options, such as sewing and upcycling furniture. If you enjoy crafts but lack in inspiration, check out Pinterest. The possibilities are endless!

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Spending Time Alone

Most moms find their kids to be stressful despite how adorable and loving they are. This attitude causes many moms to seek solitude as a way to de-stress. The need for periodic isolation is an innate quality for most humans, and that need becomes even more important for mothers who spend ninety percent of their time with one or more children.

Spending time alone to relax can include several different activities. Some moms may choose to watch a movie or TV show on Netflix to relax — something not animated or rated PG! Others may finally finish that book they started before the kids were born. Watching something that isn’t a cartoon or reading a book without tiny hands tearing the pages can certainly be relaxing!

Doing some sort of spiritual meditation exercise is another way to spend time alone. You may enjoy going out for a walk in the woods or sitting by a calm lake to quiet your mind and spirit. After all, practicing mindfulness can be a beneficial way to release anxiety. If you’re a religious mother, you may also choose to sit quietly and read the Bible (or other preferred book), pray, or listen to worship music.

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Spending Time With Friends

If you’re not an introvert, perhaps you would de-stress the most from a girls’ night out. Moms often crave adult interaction, and there’s something special about the opportunity to blow off steam with some dear girlfriends.

Going to a coffee shop in the middle of the afternoon, getting margaritas during happy hour, or having dinner at a new, hip restaurant are all great options for a relaxing, kid-free girls’ night.

Heading to the mall is also fun. There’s nothing like a little retail therapy to help busy moms really relax!

This is why mothers feel so lonely sometimes (and what to do about it).

Working Out

Working out is one of the healthiest ways for moms to de-stress. Pushing your body to its limits is scientifically proven to release hormones that lower stress levels. There are so many different options for exercising, so it’s too easy to personalize workouts that fit each individual situation.

Some moms may enjoy hitting the pavement and running five miles every day, while other moms like to spend an hour quietly sweating it out during a yoga session.

Additionally, there are strength training workouts that you can do at home with little to no equipment. Keep it simple when you’re first starting out, and you’ll have a better chance of making this a long-term habit.

Tyler Spraul, Head Trainer at says, “A simple start could be picking 4-5 bodyweight movements (squat, lunge, push-up, plank, glute bridge, etc.), then completing 8-12 reps of each in a row. This completes 1 round. If you’re up for it, you can increase the number of reps and the number of rounds to make things more challenging!”

If you prefer weight lifting, check out your local gym, since they usually offer free weights and machines to use.

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Importance of De-Stressing for Moms

Regardless of how you do it, finding ways to de-stress is vital to a stay-at-home mom like you. Stress is personal to each mom’s situation and personality, so how you decrease stress should also fit your situation and personality.

Find the way that best suits you as a mom, and then make sure you’re not letting stress get the best of you!

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