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Making Money Without Financial Know-How

  • November 27, 2018

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Making Money Without Financial Know-How

Want to begin really making money?

It's possible according to the author of today's contributed post. Check out the financial tips below and see what you're made of.


For many entrepreneurs, the idea of building a profitable business or side-hustle is closely linked to the deep knowledge of financial markets and economic conventions. Consequently, the preferred route to entrepreneurship is to head back to university and polish your financial know-how of the business world.

It is unclear where the belief that one needs to understand complex items such as stock market and trading taxes comes from. But the truth is that it often stops enthusiastic independent professionals to launch their first business.

The reality of the business world is that you need to identify a profitable niche to make money. But knowledge and understanding of the financial market and regulations don’t have to play a significant role in your success.

In fact, you can build a side hustle without ever needing to attend any lecture about the transaction about how to maximize your money. While it’s not to say that financial education can’t prove useful, it certainly is no necessity to reach your goal.

Making money with your solo enterprise can be as straightforward as understanding people. Indeed, when you develop an in-depth knowledge of human psychology, you can actively target the right spots to boost your business and really start making money.

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Use human psychology to start making money

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday making the heads of the newspaper, it’s fair to say that everyone loves a bargain. In fact, when an item is on offer, you are more likely to commit to purchasing, even though you may not have considered buying in the first place.

That’s precisely why events such as sales, scheduled discounts and limited offers are so popular in the commercial world. You can apply the same psychology to sell items you don’t need anymore.

If you choose to focus your attention on commercial items, you can repurpose the profits into the growth of your business. Typical office equipment, from chairs to old computers, can be offered to second-hand stores at a low cost.

If you want to maximize your gains, you can organize an all you buy day in your premises to encourage members of the public to purchase individual items. For used professional machinery and equipment, you often need to provide a breakdown of the technical features and potential faults of the item, which can be difficult and time-demanding to prepare.

However, specialist auction companies such as Equify Auctions can help you to sell used equipment without issues. Ultimately, the secret is to ensure that there is still plenty of value in your item; it’s crucial to maximize the true bargain appeal for your buyers.

Copy other traders in a social network

The more you know people, the easier it is to predict future actions in a specific situation. Indeed, you can even use your astute human psychology to enter the trading space. Social trading is the art of making financial gains on stock exchange markets and other financial institutions without needing to boost your capital markets knowledge. The secret is to observe the performance of the other tradesmen on the market to compare and copy – when relevant – their strategy. Because you use human nature as a ground for your decisions, you can make investment decisions quicker than many brokers. Where to start? Contrary to Forex or other financial markets, you need to join a social-specific platform first, such as ZuluTrade for instance. Using the trading history and profile information available, you can create a social analysis of when and where to trade.

Start a property business to make holidaymaker happy

Modern consumers have embraced a minimalist lifestyle for the major part. When they spend money, it’s more often to buy an experience than to purchase a new item. The preferred experience for millennials is to travel. Consequently, investing in the holiday industry can be a hugely profitable decision. Solo entrepreneurs often choose a home holiday rental business, as the income often pays for the additional mortgage. There’s no secret here: if you want people to book their vacation in your holiday home, you need to create a homely atmosphere that appeals to most holidaymakers – The Business of Holiday Rental can help you with figuring out what to do. You can also let a local real estate agency manage your property so that you don’t need to worry about the administrative side of things.

Monetize your knowledge to help others get better

Your skills are valuable. If you’ve applied to jobs in the past, you know that promoting the most relevant skills to your potential employer can boost your CV on top of the list. But it can be tricky to get noticed in a competitive space. However, you can choose a different approach to sell your expertise. Indeed, in a skill-based market, most people are keen to make their resumés more attractive with additional courses and knowledge. Consequently, you can help them to boost their career by sharing your expertise. When you produce an online course, you create a source of revenue that requires minimum maintenance. But, more importantly, you tap into the need of self-improvement that runs the job market to make money with little effort.

Pick a profitable trend that taps into people’s love of games

Video games. Crosswords. Board games. People love to play! You may not have the design know-how to build an exciting console game, but you can find a niche in the game industry. Indeed, escape rooms are becoming more and more popular. A well designed room can welcome 6 to 10 different teams a day, making it a profitable business. As you start your journey, you need to focus on the psychology behind the game. What do players want from an escape room? As a rule of the thumb, players expect an immersive experience that challenges their brains. You can also check on review sites such as TripAdvisor which local games have received the best feedback. This can help you to figure out what your local audience expects.

Conclusion: Start making money today

When it comes to transactions, knowledge of people can make all the difference in the world. Indeed, while financial expertise is the art of making sense out of capital data, it’s a kind of knowledge you can only apply in specific situations. However, knowing human nature is a valuable skill in any business circumstance.